System Design

System Design

After initial site analysis, design is the first step of a construction work where the contractor and designer/architect companies collectively constitute the detailed plan of the whole construction including electrical and mechanical systems.

In most of its projects, Az-MeP Group is engaged in the design phases as the electrical and mechanical systems require specific knowledge of engineering, regulations, and best practices. Hence, architects and engineers of Az-MeP Group, who are led by the project coordinator of the Company, and the related team of the contractor (including designer/architect companies) collaborate to develop, improve, and finalize the construction plan with regards to customer requirements and Az-MeP Group's guidance.

Some of the contractors fully outsource the design phase to Az-MeP Group, where Az-MeP Group team solely executes the design. In these cases, Az-MeP Group team prepares the drawings and presents to the contractor at certain stages to get the approvals.

Following the mutual agreement on the project design, the Company carries out cost analysis to determine the budget of the project. If approved by the client, the project proceeds to the Installation and Testing phase.

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